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Thanks to the company’s know-how acquired in forty years of experience, MIBA produces complete assemblies and equipment, including also the design phase, in compliance with the highest European and World quality standards, thus becoming an all-round partner.

MIBA is a point of reference for all the companies of the most varied sectors, which are looking for an advanced outsourcing for customized solutions.


Adopting the methodology of “LEAN PRODUCTION” together with many years of experience, MIBA has managed to reduce waste and maximize production efficiency.

The production process is handled globally in order to minimize the complexity of production by focusing on its flexibility and involving all business functions from the beginning, identifying some areas:

  • Design: the product is studied taking into account the issues inherent in its production (DFX), avoiding its redesign, i.e. the waste due to not being able to “do it right the first time”;
  • Production
  • Increase in value or “total quality” TQM (Total Quality Management)


MIBA is able to offer complete equipment in “full-service supply”, or as “a contract work” with material supplied by the customer, in whole or in part, and where required, also replacing the customer itself in the purchase of goods from his suppliers at the commercial conditions agreed with them, thus creating a “mix” of solutions and services tailored to each specific need.

tori alle condizioni commerciali con essi concordate, determinando così un “mix” di soluzioni e di servizi su misura per ogni specifica esigenza .


Thanks to the skills acquired over the years, Miba is able to deliver any type of goods in “FREE PASS”, which means designing production processes, planning the necessary internal controls, and guaranteeing product repeatability to ensure Total Quality.

This represents also significant savings for our customers on procedures and controls of incoming goods.

Moreover, the FREE PASS is always obtained with the supervision of our customers who have the possibility to  verify the production processes and their traceability through internal audits at any time.


To complete the service offered to the Customer, MIBA manages internally all activities related to logistics and transport, namely:

  • packaging, storage and integrated management of goods
  • picking, goods preparation
  • Integration with the Customer’s information systems

Upon request, MIBA guarantees and organizes the shipment and transport of the products to the place specified by the Customer using its own means and/or carriers under agreement, both nationally and internationally.