Equipment Division

The main processing operations and treatments that MIBA carries out are the following ones:

  • Project engineering
  • Hardware and software design and realization
  • Electrical/electronic wiring
  • Cable processing (cutting, stripping, marking, crimping)
  • Braze-welding
  • Assemblies (mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • Assemblies of complete equipment
  • Tests/functional tests
  • Logistics

In order to provide complete services, MIBA manages all the activities relating to logistics and transports, such as:

  • packaging, storage and integrated management of goods;
  • picking, preparation of goods and shipping
  • selection, re-packaging and customization of products
  • integration with your information and management systems
  • dedicated packaging

MIBA warrants and organizes the shipments and transports of the products to the place you have specified by its own means and/or carriers with which it has special arrangement, within the national and international territory.