Miba was founded in the 1970s by its two current partners who, sharing the same passion and the experience gained in the field of precision structural steelwork, decided to set up their own company.

From the very beginning, MIBA pointed to the professional growth aimed at the quality excellence and to the provided services, continuously and strongly investing in technologies and human resources.

MIBA work environment, although structured and organized in a very precise manner, thanks to its flexibility allows each worker to make his/her individual contribution.

MIBA workplace is up-to-date, “clean and safe”, thus facilitating the involvement of the collaborators and encouraging them to make their contribution in the best possible way, allowing them to identify with the company in all its aspects.

Safety at the workplace and environmental protection are essential and fundamental requirements for the technological and qualitative development and improvement to which MIBA aspires.

“Research and Development” in MIBA means that your idea can be fully realized, since our company has the corporate know-how, the most effective hardware and software, the consolidated experience of our engineers in various sectors and a highly effective management, which allow us to plan the rapid implementation of prototypes, preproduction and production as well.

Relying on MIBA you will be certain that your ideas can be fully implemented thanks to our professionalism and efficiency.

At present MIBA manufactures and assemblies high-precision structural steelwork, including project engineering as well, for a wide-range of sectors. The steady development of the applied technologies and of the gained experience, driven by our unchanged passion, has led us “BEYOND THE STRUCTURAL STEELWORK”, providing a full range of processing operations and complementary services able to support, favour and optimize the technical and productive development of our customers, together with the capability to provide finished equipments, thus turning us into their most reliable and perfect partners.

The continuous growth of experiences and volumes has led MIBA to the creation of two perfectly integrated divisions:
- Structural steelwork division
- Equipment division


To create benefits for our Customers, to become the Partner who are looking for, able to understand and satisfy their deepest needs to accompany them in achieving excellence and market leadership.


To be Leader of our industrial sector and to be the point of reference for our competitors through the Human Resources continuous growth of skills, expertise, flexibility and production technology and management applied innovation.